My Application

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the quality and clarity of the writing and how the project addresses the items that follow:

Project description
How will you plan to implement this project? Is this a solo project? If you are involving others, in what capacity?

The purpose and scope of your project
(Include how you will grow personally and how the project relates to your academic goals) 

Goal(s) for the project
What do you hope to achieve? What is your desired outcome?  Be succinct. 

Detailed budget
Provide a detailed list of expenses. In bullet points, list all materials or services/labor you will need, not to exceed $1000.  

Demonstrate the following (include all that apply): 
How the project will help you achieve your long or short-term goals? 
How the project will benefit CSUN, the College of Arts, Media, and Communication, your department, the community, and/or your target population? 

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