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Award Luncheon

May 13, 2022


                          STUDENT  PROJECT AWARDS


Presented by MCCU Student Project Award Committee Chair, Mary Thomsen

and Donor, Amy Sosa, MCCU VP of Operations Steve Ruehlen and

MCCU VP of Lending Nairi Gerovian

 $1,000 - Jaden Evanskey - "DOWNHILL" - A short film exploring Bi-Polar Disorder

 $1,000 - Vincemt Shnaider, "WAITING FOR GODIT" - Theatre in the Park


Chair, Mary Thomsen., Donor, Amy Sosa, President,

Peggy Fiorvanti and MCCU VP of Operations,

Steve Ruehlen

celia award2.jpg

Beth Perrin/

Membership Vice President 

read the Presentation


Honorary Life Membership Award

to Celia Lundi

which was presented by

Amy Sosa/Nominating Chair

The Arts Council For CSUN is pleased to present an Honorary Life Membership to a member who has given extraordinary service to the Arts Council.This member was born in Greeley Colorado. Her family moved to Los Angeles here she attended Manual Arts High School, In 1948 she married her High School sweetheart, Robert. She was a full time mom to son Dennis and daughter Janet, and was active in the local PTA. She has 7 Grandchildren and 4 Great Grandchildren. She is very artistic, making beautiful ceramics, and entering numerous shows and winning ribbons in recognition of her work.


Her husband flew racing pigeons and she actively helped him train the pigeons. She was a member of the Valley Pigeon Widows! When her husband retired, they moved to Hesperia. After his passing, she moved to Chatsworth and in 2009 she joined the Arts Council For CSUN.


She has been a loyal member ever since, hardly ever missing a meeting or a chance to help. She is known for her home baked cookies which she regularly donated for Art Show Receptions. She could always be counted on to volunteer for the receptions. And she has chaired the Telephone Committee for many years. She prepared detailed lists of the telephone committee teams for the President, and was diligent about making phone calls to our members, keeping them informed about our activities. Our members are glad to hear her cheerful voice on the phone. And then she volunteered to be Corresponding Secretary.This helps our Secretary as she also sends

Get-Well and Thinking-of-You cards to members who are under the weather. Her contributions

to the success of the Arts Council For CSUN are greatly appreciated.


We are proud to present this token of our esteem to our member Celia Lundie.

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