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                                       Beth Perrin/Membership Arts Council   


                                                Two Honorary Life Memberships: 

The Arts Council For CSUN was very fortunate this past year to have two extraordinary members in the right place at the right time.


Our President, Peggy Fioravanti, did everything humanly possible to keep the

membership engaged during a time when we couldn’t meet in person, when we

couldn’t engage in our usual activities of volunteering at the University and when

we were all stressing about the global pandemic. She inspired our members to jump

in and try “Zoom” even though it was unfamiliar territory for most of our members. But

Peggy has nevershied away from a challenge.


Peggy was born Margaret Mary Kroemelbein on a farm in Pennington, New Jersey, during the worst snowstorm in centuries. She grew up in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, where she worked in the family owned hotel while still a schoolgirl. She attended Phillipsburg High School, Christian College for Women in Missouri, NYC School of Interior Design, and later West Coast University and Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Peggy lived and worked in New York City for ten years, acting on multiple TV shows and features, on shows Of Broadway, commercials, print work, documentaries, and as an artist and clothing model. She was privileged to work for the United Nations for one year as their “Special Events Hostess”.


Peggy moved to Los Angeles where she married her beloved husband Ron Fioravanti (Fury) (1978-2016), and raised their precious son Ryan (1984-2002). Always a hard worker, Peggy (a member of SAG/AFTRA since 1978), worked on TV series ER for 10 years and House MD for 8 years, all the while volunteering as an Elder for the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Burbank.

She also worked as VP of Ron Fury Productions and later as VP for RPR Productions, both movie production companies. Peggy has traveled to 52 countries and islands plus 49 States. She is still looking for adventure and plans to go to Alaska, (her 50th State) next year.


Serving the Arts Council For CSUN for these past 2 years has been a great joy for Peggy and the members have great appreciation for her dedication and hard work. Before becoming President Peggy worked diligently as a volunteer taking care of the Cofee Hour before weekly meetings, serving at Art Gallery receptions, even though her knees were killing her, ushering at theatre performances and wherever else she was needed. She spends hours staying connected with the members by phone, and worked tirelessly during the 2020 summer to see that we had interesting Zoom programs. She certainly has been the right person for the job, at the right time. The Arts Council is pleased and proud to present Peggy Fioravanti with an Honorary Life Membership.



Paul Waller is our second recipient of an Honorary Life Membership. Paul has played an

integral role in the continuing success of the Arts Council during the past several years,

buthe really stepped up to the plate during 2020-2021. As Editor of the monthly Arts

Council Newsletter, he has been instrumental in keeping our members informed and

connected, while managing a complex and ever-changing email address book. As  “Zoom Meister” he has made it possible for us to continue engaging with each other and with the University staff, spending many hours in preparation for our meetings. Paul truly has the heart of a Volunteer!


Paul Waller was born in Germany. He and his family left Germany in 1939, just before the war. They stayed in England for a few months before they came to the United States in March 1940. This journey was facilitated by his father’s cousin who sponsored the family to come to the United States and their move to a home in Highland Park.


Paul attended Los Angeles schools and graduated from Franklin High School. Subsequently he attended UCLA and received a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering where he worked on state-of-the-art systems for the military. He retired early, but his wife Joan continued to work so she could keep him in the manner to which he wanted to be accustomed.


Paul started doing yoga and then became a Docent/Naturalist where he took school groups on hikes in the local mountains telling them about Chaparral Ecology and the Native Americans who lived here thousands of years ago. He did this for about 18 years until COVID prevented schools from sending students on these hikes.


Paul and his wife Joan have enjoyed folk dancing from the time they met in 1958 and still enjoy dancing – but now via Zoom. A few years after Joan retired, she became interested in the Arts Council and soon brought Paul along as she has on many other activities. They both enjoy the interesting Monday meetings where they get insights into coming events on campus. They enjoy lectures, and the plays and musical performances where they both usher.


The Arts Council for CSUN is pleased and proud to present Paul Waller with an Honorary Life Membership in recognition of his huge contribution to the well-being of the Arts Council and its continued ability to serve the University Community. His dedication to keeping the lines of communication open for our members through the newsletter and Zoom meetings is greatly appreciated by all of our members. Thank you Paul …. And we love your sense of humor too!

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