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2021 Student Project Award

How do I apply?


1)  Click apply now below or go to the SPA Application 2021 page

     (in menu bar, "Student Project Award 2021")

2)  Complete and submit your application on or before March 29, 2021.

3)  Ask a faculty member in your department to recommend you by filling out the SPA Faculty Recommendation form (in menu bar, "Student Project Award 2021"). All faculty recommendations will be verified. 

If you are selected, we will verify your enrollment status and GPA with the Chair of your department.

You will receive a confirmation email from the Arts Council acknowledging the receipt of your application. We may contact you if we have any questions. The winner will be notified by May 1, 2021.  


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the "I Have A Question" form (in menu bar, "Student Project Award 2021").



•  Application Deadline:  

    March 29, 2021
   (including verifications from a

    faculty member.)

•  Arts Council notification to awardee: 

    May 1, 2021

•  Presentation of $500

    at Annual Awards Luncheon: 

    (Day/time to be determined)

•  Student project completed: 

    First day of Fall 2021 semester

•  Presentation to Arts Council,

    balance of funds awarded: 

    September 2021, day TBD


Provide a detailed list of expenses. In bullet points, list all materials or services/labor you will need, not to exceed $1000.  

DEMONSTRATE the following (include all that apply): 
How the project will help you achieve your long or short-term goals? 
How the project will benefit CSUN, the College of Arts, Media, and Communication, your department, the community, and/or your target population?  

My Application

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the quality and clarity of the writing and how the project addresses the items that follow:

How will you plan to implement this project? Is this a solo project? If you are involving others, in what capacity?

(Include how you will grow personally and how the project relates to your academic goals) 

What do you hope to achieve? What is your desired outcome?  Be succinct. 

The Arts Council will not fund projects depending on, requiring or otherwise taking funds from other sources. This provides a level playing field to all applicants.

What will help me win?

A winning project is one that is achievable within the time frame and budget.  Really want to stand out? Include answers to these in your application:  Does your project satisfy an unmet need? (cite an example) Can your project be recreated on a larger scale, for a different audience, or in a different medium? (For example, a novel may be turned into an audiobook, a movie, a play or even a graphic novel.) 

What happens if my project is selected?

You will have all of summer break to complete your project. You will receive $500 from the Arts Council in May 2021 to begin your project and the remaining $500 upon completion to be awarded in September 2021.


The Arts Council for CSUN will provide a $1,000 Award to one full-time student in good standing with a GPA of 2.5 or better.  Applicant must be enrolled in the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication majoring in Art, CTVA, Music or Theatre in the Spring semester of 2021.  The funds are to be used for a student project which must be completed prior to the beginning of the Fall semester of 2021.  An oral presentation may be required before a finalist is chosen.

What is a project?

A project is a vision, an aspiration, an avocation. A project is your opportunity to express yourself, to work professionally and to expand your portfolio or resume. A project is an excuse to dream. A chance to collaborate. A statement of “ I AM.”  And, realistically, this project is the execution of your creative idea within the time constraints and budgets provided.


Matadors Community Credit Union (MCCU), a not-for-profit full-service financial institution, has been serving the San Fernando Valley since 1963, offering a full array of affordable financial products and services – everything from Free Checking accounts and Mobile Banking to home loans, auto loans and IRAs. MCCU is federally insured by NCUA.

MCCU began serving employees and students at Cal State, Northridge in 1963, but has since grown to open up its membership to anyone who lives, works or worships in the San Fernando, Santa Clarita or Simi Valleys, as well as family members.  MCCU has branches in Northridge and Chatsworth. 

The Arts Council for CSUN is grateful to Matadors Community Credit Union for their generous sponsorship of this Award.


Founded in 1971, The Arts Council for CSUN serves as a community resource for California State University, Northridge in its sponsorship and presentation of the arts and its educational arts programs.  The Arts Council provides funding for annual student awards and additional gifts to the departments. Funds are derived from membership dues and donations.

Supporting the Departments of Art, Cinema and Television Arts, Music and Theatre in the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication, The Arts Council for CSUN provides ushering assistance during music and theatre performances as well as staffing for the Gallery Store and conducting tours in the main Art Gallery.  The Arts Council also manages and operates the Music Shoppe, located on campus in Cypress Hall, with proceeds going directly to the Music Department, and The Stage Store, located in the lobby of the Campus Theatre.

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